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Helmet Cam Captures Skydiver’s Terrifying Unconscious Free Fall and the Heroism of the Friends that Saved Him


If there’s a secret contest going on for most terrifying action camera video, then 25-year-old skydiver James Lee recently gave the skydivers in the mid-air plane crash a run for their money. In a terrifying video captured on the veteran skydiver’s helmet cam, you see him get knocked unconscious just seconds after jumping, and then get rescued by his fellow skydivers.

The video is both horrifying and inspirational. Watching the unconscious skydiver plummet uncontrollably towards the ground, arms flailing on the edges of the helmet cam’s vision, is an unsettling sight. But then you see his friends rush to his aid, stabilize his body, and deploy his main chute all while falling at approximately 115mph.

Speaking with The Telegraph, the veteran of over 1000 jumps said this experience won’t keep him Earthbound. “It hasn’t put me off at all, I have not jumped too much lately because of the weather but will be back in the sport this season.”

(via Laughing Squid)