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DigitalRev Gives You 10 Things to Consider Before You Buy Your First Flash


There are a lot of tips and helpful articles out there about buying your first ‘nice’ camera, or even how to make sure everything is working well when you get one as a gift, but there’s significantly less help for those who are considering buying their first flash. Enter DigitalRev and their “10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Flash.”

Now, before you click play, realize that this is DigitalRev, meaning that the useful knowledge is tempered by silliness and tomfoolery (to use the technical terms). There’s nothing wrong with that, but the uber-serious will probably find the video more annoying than helpful.


Others, in particular those who like a side of humor with their learning, will find this both entertaining and useful. They cover everything from what TTL is, to the controls you want in your flashes, to the wireless options available to you and a good bit more.

As Kai so eloquently puts it: “Buying your first flash can be as daunting a task as buying your first packet of condoms at the supermarket — there’s so much to choose from and you can’t try them on at the shop.” Hopefully these 10 tips help make that decision a bit easier on you… the flash not the condoms.

(via TheDigitalVisual)