A Festive Custom SLR Team Puts Together the World’s Biggest Tripod Christmas Tree

The folks at Custom SLR are in the holiday spirit, there’s no doubt about that. After all, why else would you take on the pointless (but awesome) task of creating the world’s largest camera tripod Christmas tree?

The ‘tree,’ which you can see the Custom SLR team putting together in the video above, took a total of 14 hours to create, pose with and take down last Thursday. It stands 17.4 feet tall and is made up of 40 tripods, 300 ornaments, 486 feet of garland lights and, of course, 1 Santa at the top (who needs angels or stars!?).

Here’s a picture of the tree, and a few pics they took with the tree once it was up and glowin’:






In the end they created something pretty awesome, but lest you think this was just a fun exercise in futility, think again. As they explain in the video description:

All the decorations are being donated to the Salvation Army, and the tripods are being donated to after-school and nonprofit photography programs. That’s a total value of $10,000 being given to good causes. Giving is what the holiday spirit is all about.

We couldn’t agree more. The fact that they got a nearly 18-foot-tall camera-gear-themed Christmas tree (and some fun pictures) out of the bargain… well… that’s just a bonus.