How Not to Be a Stormchaser: British Photographer Takes a Bath

Here’s an advanced tip for all you would-be stormchasers: Watch out for the water.

That seemingly obvious proposition apparently escaped a couple of British photographers in one of the better photobombs to emerge from Europe’s not-quite-a-hurricane.

The video comes from a Sky News report on the storm, from the British seaside resort of Brighton. While the reporter interviews a would-be adventure swimmer, you see two unidentified photographers in the background, snapping away at a few swimmers already in the water.

The lensmen seem surprisingly oblivious of their position vis-a-vis the churning sea. And sure enough, a giant wave rolls in, sending one photographer on a wild scramble up the beach. The other, identified by the reporter as “one of Britain’s finest photographers,” fumbles about in the water until a swimmer helps him too his feet.

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Both photogs, and their cameras, appears to be thoroughly soaked, so good luck with the old bag of rice play.

The St. Jude’s storm raked Europe with winds up to 120 mph, killed at least 13 people and wreaked widespread havoc with transportation and utilities.

(via Anorak)