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PicSurge: Upload and Share Large Image Galleries Quickly and Easily



Australian wedding photographer Mark Tolson often finds himself needing to share huge image galleries with friends and clients, but the current options out there didn’t suit him. So, he created his own.

Meet PicSurge, a super-simple gallery service that allows users to upload as many photos as they would like (10Mb file size limit) into one of three gallery layouts. That gallery can then be accessed by whomever has the link, and all of the photos are downloadable in their native resolution and format.


It’s like a SmugMug alternative that’s free (at least for now), very easy to use, and makes it possible to share large amounts of photos with anyone in a snap. When you give the URL to someone, they can download the photos one at a time, in bunches they select, or even the entire gallery at once.

Tolson originally created the site for his own personal use, but as he’s continued improving it he posted about the site to Reddit’s r/photography subreddit and asked for suggestions. Since then, a lot has been updated and many more new features are on the way.


Terms of Service have been added (that allow you to keep all of your copyright), tiles and grid views now center automatically, and the site looks great on mobile devices as well as the web.

Future updates in the works include the ability to delete photos without having to message Tolson directly, dark and light color schemes, and an expiration time that kills unused galleries after a certain number of days so his costs don’t go through the roof.


We’re not sure how much longer this will stay free, but the site is bound to improve many times over as Tolson responds to feedback from Reddit, so now is the time to try it. No need to sign up or log in, just select your gallery type and go — for people who want to share, say, event photos with a big group, this could come in quite handy.

To find out more about the site and give your feedback, check out the Reddit thread by clicking here. And if you want to give it a shot for yourself, head over to PicSurge and start uploading.

(via Reddit)