A Rapid-Fire Animated Tribute to Every Photoshop CS5 Filter

Photographers are intimately familiar with the myriad filters available to them through Photoshop. Nothing like the Instagram-style “filters” we’ve come to hear about more and more often, these have names like Grain, Diffuse, Ocean Ripple and Pinch.

And although Adobe has had to deal with some negative reactions to its business model as of late, Barcelona based audiovisual studio Device decided to pay tribute to the company’s filtering abilities by putting together this short animated tribute to all of Photoshop CS5’s filters.


The video goes beyond just showing you the filters though, even the sound has been edited to match. The sound effect that accompanies each of the filter previews is actually the same exact sound, but with a different distortion applied. So, ideally, the sound that accompanies the grain filter would sound, well, grainy.

Accompanying the video is also a Tumblr blog, where each filter animation lives as its own GIF. Instead of the quick progression we see above, you can access animations of each filter and watch as the effect is applied with a heavier and heavier hand to the Photoshop logo.


To see more from Device, of if you feel like you could use some reminding of the many filter options at your disposal, head over to the company’s website or check out the Photoshop CS5 Filters Animations Tumblr.

(via The Next Web)