Nikon Facebook App Encourages Friendly Competition With Fellow Photogs


We received a new press release out of the Nikon camp this morning, and although it didn’t announce any fresh cameras or lenses, it was eager to share a different creation with us: My Nikon World. My Nikon World is a brand new Facebook app that seeks to “Challenge photographers to shoot, share and learn,” mostly through friendly competition.

In essence, the app is a game for Nikon photographers. Loaded with challenges and badges, My Nikon World is trying to create a competitive community of Nikon shooters who are consistently improving their skills by pitting them against one another.


You can find the app at this link, and once you’ve gone through with the registration process, you’ll be moved on to the Challenges page. Challenges come in two forms: professional and those created by Nikon itself.

The pro challenge are created by well-known professional photographers who shoot Nikon (go figure) and want to help you improve. Currently, there’s only one pro challenge up: a street photography challenge created by advertising and editorial photographer Rob Van Petten that asks you to upload 10 of your street photos by August 1st to earn a badge.

The Nikon Challenges, on the other hand, start off a bit easier, and include tasks such as liking 25 photos, completing your registration, and uploading your first photo to My Nikon World. People who have completed the most challenges (pro and otherwise) will show up at the top of a special leaderboard.


If challenges, badges and bragging rights don’t appeal to you, My Nikon World also offers a gallery section where you can browse other people’s work by category — such as Recent Uploads, Challenge Submissions and Most Liked Photos — or filter your content based on subject matter and camera used.

As with any online game, how well it does depends in large part on how vibrant a community it manages to build. But even if the competition never really gets off the ground, Nikon shooters looking for a fun way to challenge themselves and find reasons to go out and shoot every day might still enjoy checking out the My Nikon World app page and joining in.