Create Selfie GIFs in Seconds With The Face to GIF Web App


There are many ways to create GIFs of all sorts of things. Some tutorials on making more complex GIFs (like this one) we’ve even shared with you. But what if you just want to create a quick selfie GIF? Something you could record on your computer’s webcam? Well, the new webapp “Face to GIF” has you covered.

Created by developer Horia Dragomir, the app makes creating short, webcam GIFs a matter of a few seconds and some creativity. The process is fairly straightforward: all you have to do is navigate to the website, click “start recording” to begin, and then “make GIF” once your satisfied.


Since it’s taking video, it could be argued that you’re making a sort of any-length Vine video and not a traditional GIF, but the results are exported as a GIF, so we’ll stick with that classification. Perhaps the most convenient part of the whole thing is that once you’ve created your GIF, you have the option to download it for further editing or export it directly to Imgur with one click.

With an option this simple (and assuming it gets popular), it’s possible we’ll start seeing a lot more reaction GIFs pop up on forums and comment streams in lieu of actual words. To give it a spin yourself, head over to the website here. And if you create something particularly worthwhile, feel free to drop it in the comments below.

Image credit: Photo illustrations based on Typical Reaction by neil alejandro and reaction to cuban pete by Jessie Pearl