Tumblr Blog Shares Ten Copyright-Free High-Res Images Every Ten Days


Unsplash is a new Tumblr creation by the folks over at ooompf that allows photographers to share a set of images for free (in exchange for exposure, we assume) while simultaneously allowing those in need of high-quality imagery a place to find it.

Oompf is an online marketplace for creative talent, so it makes sense that they would be behind a site like this. On Unsplash, a new set of 10 full-resolution images are revealed and made available for download every 10 days. The 10 images currently up on the website were taken by photographer Alejandro Escamilla.


All of the images must be designated CC0, meaning that the creator has forfeited all his or her rights to the image. According to the Creative Commons website:

Using CC0, you can waive all copyrights and related or neighboring rights that you have over your work, such as your moral rights (to the extent waivable), your publicity or privacy rights, rights you have protecting against unfair competition, and database rights and rights protecting the extraction, dissemination and reuse of data.

Just like standard creative commons licensing, it won’t appeal to everyone. But if you’re interested in having some of your images given away over on Unsplash, head over to the website by clicking here and follow the link that reads “Submit a Photo.”

(via Laughing Squid)

Image credits: Photographs by Alejandro Escamilla