Photographer Pops the Question Using the Viewfinder of His SLR Camera


When New York City-based photographer Jerrit Pruyn recently asked his girlfriend of 2 years to marry him, he did so in quite a photo-tastic way. Pruyn popped the question through the viewfinder of his old vintage SLR!

Pruyn, who also works as a writer for the photography blog Fstoppers, had in mind to somehow incorporate a camera and tripod into the proposal.

He ended up writing the words “Marry Me” on a transparent iPhone screen protector piece and sticking it onto the bottom of the prism in his Nikkormat SLR (shown above).

This past weekend, Pruyn visited a vineyard with his then-girlfriend and, after some leisurely activities, set up his camera and tripod in one of the rows of grapes. He then asked her to focus the camera for him while he stood in the frame, and dropped to one knee as she looked through the viewfinder.

The message scrawled across the viewfinder frame asked Pruyn’s question for him. Here’s what she saw (her actual view had Pruyn proposing as well):


She said yes, and Pruyn is now one of the world’s newest happily engaged photographers.


Pruyn says they’re planning to engrave the camera with the date and location of the proposal and treasure it as a memento of their special day.

You can find Pruyn’s longer account of this proposal over on Fstoppers. Check out Pruyn’s website for a sampling of what he can do with his camera(s) when they’re not being used for clever proposals.

Image credits: Photographs by Jerrit Pruyn and used with permission