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Pioneer Introduces 3D Hologram Printing Service for Expectant Mothers


When it comes to capturing photos of your unborn child, you’re pretty much stuck to the ultrasound pics/tape that the hospital lets you take home. But what if there was a service that could take that ultrasound, and turn it into a one-of-a-kind 3D hologram? Well, that’s what Pioneer is working on with its new printing service.

According to DigInfo News, Pioneer’s newly-designed hologram printer can spit out full-color card-sized Lippmann holograms in just two hours, with single color prints taking only an hour and a half. So when an expectant mother goes to get a check-up, she just needs to get her hands on the 3D/4D echogram data. Pioneer’s special printer will do the rest.


The resulting photos are then printed on special high-performance “Bayfol HX” hologram film with a viewing angle of 23 degrees. Each one will measure in at 200 components high and 300 wide, with 60 vertical and horizontal points of view per component.

The technical details regarding how the device actually works are a bit dense, but Pioneer’s Yoshinao Ito explains it in the video like so:

This method works by shining light containing information about the object from one side of the recording material, and reference light from the other side, and recording the state of interference between the two light sources in the material. A hologram is created by regularly arranging the recordings on the medium.

It’s complicated — and you can check out the video at the top if you want a more comprehensive explanation (complete with diagrams) — but, thankfully, you don’t have to understand the service for it to work. There’s no telling if and when this service will actually make it into the mainstream, but with 3D technology always improving, the demand for quick and easy hologram prints may go up faster than we think.

(via Digital Trends)