Comic: The Eye Camera by Carrie Liao

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Do you ever have those times when you look up or around you and you see something like the scene above?


"I gotta get a picture of this"
“I gotta get a picture of this”

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"What the hell?!"
“What the hell?!”
"This picture is a total turd! The colors are all off!"
“This picture is a total turd! The colors are all off!”

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It always happens! I want to capture an amazing sight but pictures never do it justice. So I thought…

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Wouldn’t it be nice…

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…if our eyes were cameras…?

What we see with our eyes would be exactly what we get in the pictures… the vibrancy of the colors, the spectacular lighting, the subtle shadows…

When you see something that just needs to be captured…

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…all you would have to do to take a picture is blink and…

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And it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice other typical camera functions, such as:

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Now, the one thing I haven’t quite figured out was how to actually get physical copies of these photos. But I imagine it might go something like this:

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About the illustrator: Carrie Liao is an artist living in California, United States. Visit her website here. This comic originally appeared here.