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Take a Trip to Beautiful San Diego, Time-Lapse Style


Most time-lapses involve long pans over vast landscapes with gorgeous star-filled skies in the background. And while we love those — if you haven’t seen the New Zealand time-lapse we shared recently you’re missing out — we don’t see equally stunning urban time-lapses nearly as often. This is one of the exceptions to that rule.

This time-lapse was put together by photographer and San Diego native Michael Shainblum, and it takes you on a trip through his beautiful hometown. Titled “Welcome Home,” the video features everything from cityscapes to pounding waves to railway stations — a journey that shows the city of San Diego through the artistic lens of one of its residents.


As Shainblum explains in the video’s description:

Ever since I was a kid, I have always been mesmerized by extraordinary beauty of my hometown, San Diego. The city has many hidden treasures that have always captivated me, and they continue to do so. Most people only get to experience the tourism side San Diego, but I wanted to show the city through my own eyes … I wanted to showcase San Diego from the eyes of somebody who has lived there their entire life.

It just goes to show, you may not have to travel very far at all to get some incredible photos. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw this time-lapse make it onto some San Diego tourism commercials. To see more from Shainblum, head over to his Vimeo profile or check out his website by clicking here.

(via SLR Lounge)