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Nightline Takes on the Selfie with Fashion Photog Nigel Barker in ‘Selfie Nation’


ABC’s Nightline recently decided to take on one of the most popular photography trends of all time: the selfie. And to help them properly tackle the subject, they asked famed fashion photographer Nigel Barker to weigh in.

Jokes aside (we’ll do our best), the feature isn’t as silly as it may sound. In “Selfie Nation: The Social Self-Portrait Trend,” ABC’s JuJu Chang examines the selfie from all angles (couldn’t help ourselves). Enlisting the help of psychologist Barbara Greenberg and, of course, Nigel Barker, she asks if the rise of the selfie generation means the rise of narcissism.


But if the selfie’s role in developing a self-obsessed, over-sharing generation doesn’t interest you, you can always skip to about 3:10 to get Barker’s take on the matter. Far from worried about the rise of self-absorption, Barker sees the selfie as an innocent mode of self-expression and even therapy — just as long as you don’t make a duck face.

Barker even goes so far as to give some tips to self-photographers before demonstrating with Chang and later his wife Cristen Barker. We won’t spoil that part, but if you want to see an interesting expose on the only photography trend big enough for Nighline to cover and get some selfie tips from a famous fashion photographer at the same time, check out the video at the top.

(via Imaging Resource)