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What Your Choice of Instagram Filter Says About Your Personality



100 million users are uploading 40 million photographs on a daily basis to Instagram. Of these images, 43% of them dont have any retro filters applied to them. That leaves 22.8 million filtered photos hitting the social network every 24 hours.

Marketing firm Marketo recently poked around with some of Instagram’s statistics, and then decided to assign personality profiles to some of the service’s most popular filters. It’s like Instagram meets Chinese Zodiac.

Instagram is well know, for its various filters that transform the look and feel of the photos. With them, sunsets, coffee cups, and your date’s double cheeseburger can masquerade as art. But the truth is, the filter you choose says more about you than the picture you take. The infographic below explains the psychology behind the top 10 Instagram filters, and profiles the personalities of the photographers who use them.

Check out the infographic below, find your favorite go-to filter, and see if the profile describes your personality well:


You can find a higher-resolution version of this image here.

(via Marketo via Gizmodo)

Image credit: What we did before @instagram – Cokin filters #nofilter #nodigitalfilteranyway by Kevin Marks