A Most Unscientific Personality Study of Photographers

What draws us to be photographers? I'm photographer Kirk Mastin, the founder of Mastin Labs, and this is the question we set out to answer when we surveyed our Mastin Labs Facebook community for their 16 personalities results in partnership with our friends at Brevitē Backpacks. We utilized the 16Personalities website to conduct this very unscientific study.

How You Live Your Life is Reflected in How You Take Photos

I look at hundreds of photographs everyday and I’ve noticed that how people take photos is in direct correlation to how they live their day to day lives. This may not sound like a startlingly profound fact but, put simply: your personality can create the biggest barrier to achieving interesting and unique photographs.

Adobe Made a Quiz That Reveals What Creative Type You Are

Adobe just launched a fun little online quiz that helps creatives figure out their creative type. The "simple and relatable yet robust and science-informed creative personality assessment" is inspired by popular personality tests such as the Myers-Briggs and the Enneagram.

Your Style, Your Personality

In all art forms; music, writing, architecture, photography, whatever; originality and innovation are the things that produce the best works from the best artists. A lot of advice on how to improve your art focusses on technical and technological aspects; often with a cursory “develop your own style” thrown in somewhere. It’s a difficult thing to explain or teach: how do you develop your vision or style? And how do you know if you’ve found it?

What Your Choice of Instagram Filter Says About Your Personality

100 million users are uploading 40 million photographs on a daily basis to Instagram. Of these images, 43% of them dont have any retro filters applied to them. That leaves 22.8 million filtered photos hitting the social network every 24 hours.

Marketing firm Marketo recently poked around with some of Instagram's statistics, and then decided to assign personality profiles to some of the service's most popular filters. It's like Instagram meets Chinese Zodiac.