Photographer Recreates His Dreams as Surreal Photographs

09 - ymgXm

Some people use dream journals to record and remember their imaginary nighttime escapades. Israel-based photographer Ronen Goldman uses photographs. Whenever he has a strange dream that he’d like to document, he goes out and recreates that dream as a surreal photograph. The project is titled “Surrealistic Pillow“.

Here’s what Goldman tells us about the project,

For the past six years I have been recreating my dreams through photos. Each photo takes weeks and even months of preparation from dreaming it, writing down the main elements, planning, shooting and post production.
I don’t always fully understaned the meaning of these images- much like dreams they sometimes reveal themselves only months after being created.

All elements of all the images were actually shot on location on the same day and combined together.

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11 - hAxFt

12 - lSGIz

13 - Ru9Ga

14 - Dvnl5

01 - fd70q

02 - gN6Vh

03 - oLbxa

04 - lGfgm

05 - 2uhoC

06 - QaEEl

07 - XtnSy

08 - hXfEc

You can find the entire series over on his website here.

P.S. You might recognize Goldman’s style from when we featured some of his other images back in 2010.

Image credits: Photographs by Ronen Goldman and used with permission