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Surreal Pillow Project by Ronen Goldman


Ronen Goldman is a photographer based in Tel Aviv, Israel who specializes in surreal “dream” photography:

Goldman tells us,

I have no formal photography education, I’m actually a trained Scriptwriter that got tired of writing scripts and discovered a passion for making images that tell stories. I find the medium to be a lot quicker and easier for me to communicate, with it being a universal language, people can understand whether they are old or young.

The great thing about photography in my opinion is the learning curve — its never ending. There are always new techniques and views to develop and master and as a photographer you are forever a student, which in my opinion is a great place to be.

I have always been attracted to the Surreal movement, be it Magritte, Dali, Yves Tanguy Andre Breton or Man Ray, I love the idea of creating art that comes from the unconscious realms of the mind, feelings that cannot really be explained or articulated. The feeling you get from a dream you had that fills you up with happiness or sorrow, even when you cant really explain what you have experienced to anyone, no matter how much detail you give of the dream you had.

I hope those elusive feelings are somehow conveyed through the imagery i create.

To see more of Goldman’s work check out his website.

Image credits: Photographs by Ronen Goldman and used with permission