One Second of Video Every Day in 2012

We’ve been seeing more and more of this concept lately, but this one is still nicely done: Springfield, Missouri-based photographer Kent Frost created this 6.5-minute recap of his life in 2012 using one second of footage recorded each day. It’s titled, “Just a Second.”

Frost captured the footage using a Canon 550D DSLR, a GoPro HD Hero 2, and a Samsung Galaxy 2 Skyrocket. Everything was combined and edited using Sony Vegas 10 Pro.

Another similar video that was uploaded to Vimeo recently was this one by Jonathan Britnell (it’s more artsy and less personal):

The idea picked up steam last year after videos by a girl named Madeline and a guy named Cesar Kuriyama went viral on the Interwebs.

Kuriyama is even developing a mobile app that will allow anyone to create this type of video using their smartphone.