Nikon Selling a Limited Edition Nikkor f/1.8 Box Set in Europe

Behold: a box set of Nikon prime lenses. This unique kit is a limited-edition item currently being sold by Nikon exclusively in certain European countries (it’s available in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the UK). Inside the Nikon-branded aluminum case are three f/1.8 lenses: the 28mm, 50mm, and 85mm. Oh, and you get the manuals, lens hoods, and soft cases as well.

Brussels, Belgium-based camera store Photo Cine House got its hands on one of the kits, and shot the photos seen here.

The shop also filmed this short unboxing video:

Although there’s no official word on the price yet, it appears that retailers are selling the box sets for €1,259, or about $1,627. Buying the lenses separately costs about $1,420 here in the United States, so for an extra $200 bucks or so you get the Nikon-branded aluminum carrying case. After all, the lenses themselves aren’t any different than the ones packaged individually.

Nikon released a similar limited-edition box set last year, except that one featured three f/1.4 primes and looked a lot classier:

Also, the price tag of that box set actually came out to be lower than the sum of its parts.

Image credits: Photographs by Photo Cine House