Protect Your DSLR Around Water On the Cheap with a Camera Case Dry Bag

Underwater housings for DSLR cameras usually aren’t the cheapest accessory. Professional ones often cost as much as the cameras they house. If you’d like to add a simple layer of waterproofing to your DSLR without shelling out big bucks, check out this camera case dry bag. It’s a thick, durable, and watertight plastic case that comes with transparent sections on both sides for your lens and LCD screen.

Dry bags are commonly used during outdoor activities around water or snow — things like rafting or snowboarding. The dry bag seen here is created specifically to house larger DSLR cameras. You simply place your camera into the bag, roll up the top of the bag to seal everything inside, and then “lock” it snapping two buttons.

It’s actually designed for bringing your DSLR underwater to depths of 66 feet, but you should probably test the bag extensively with non-valuables before actually using it to submerge your camera. Otherwise, it’s better to use it as protection around water.

You can buy one of these accessories for just $8 with free shipping from a Hong Kong-based eBay seller called big_is. A search for “camera case dry bag” also returns hundreds of listings, many of which are “Buy It Now”.

DSLR Camera Case Dry Bags by big_is [eBay via Reddit]

Image credits: Photographs by big_is/eBay