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Here’s a Tiny Sleeping Bag Designed for a DSLR Camera


How sweet is this? Photographer Kevin Pickell wanted a solution for keeping his DSLR camera kit safe while driving around with it while still having it accessible, so his wife created a miniature sleeping bag for it.

It’s “great for driving with frequent stops to take a few photos, and protects the camera in-case of a panic stop,” Pickell writes.

The bag is the perfect size for Pickell’s Nikon DSLR and telephoto lens with the hood attached.

“The ‘sleeping bag’ she made was just a piece cut out of an old sleeping bag we had lying around so she just needed to re-stitch the back and right edges,” Pickell tells PetaPixel. “I currently have a Nikon D500 and D750 and use a Tamron 150-600 for wildlife shots.”

Pickell is a 52-year-old photography enthusiast who recently retired from a career as a video game programmer and got hooked on making wildlife images. You can find his work on his Flickr.