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Creative Photos of Fruits and Veggies Cut and Arranged into Geometric Shapes


The photograph above may look like it shows a photo of apples mounted to a wall, but it actually shows real apples that were packed into a neat little square. Turkish artist and photographer Sakir Gökçebag has an entire series of photographs showing various fruits and vegetables carefully sliced up and placed into neat arrangements.

Gökçebag very meticulously cuts into things like apples, peppers, beans, watermelons, and pomegranates, arranges them into precise shapes and patterns (e.g. squares, circles, chromosomes), and then photographs them from above.

The resulting images are quite striking:

You can see more of these clever photographs over on his website under “Photo Projects”.

Photo Projects by Sakir Gökçebag (via designboom via Junk Culture)

Image credits: Photographs by Sakir Gökçebag