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7 Great Photography Tips by Reuters Photojournalist Damir Sagolj


Here’s a great video by Reuters in which Bangkok-based photojournalist Damir Sagolj shares seven things about photography he has learned over the years by working in the field. They are: anticipate, research, reach out, prioritize, practice, interact, and be invisible. Although the tips are geared towards photojournalists trying to document the issues of the world, many of them can be applied to everyday photography as well.

For “anticipate”, Sagolj reminds us of the importance of “being one with your camera”, lest photo opportunities pass us by:

Play and shoot much more before you are in a situation to shoot important pictures. Because if you haven’t tried this before, if you don’t know this, when the moment happens, the moment is going to go past you, and you will to be struggling with your camera, with your f-stop, with your exposure, and the thing will be gone before you realize what you have to do. So you really want to shoot a lot before the real moment comes.

Check out Sagolj’s blog posts over on the Reuters blog if you’d like to learn more about his work.

(via ISO 1200)