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The Over-Saturated World of Fashion Street Photography


Scott Schuman, or The Sartorialist, made it big in the blogging, photography, and fashion worlds by having his fashion street photography blog become an Internet sensation. If you think he’s unique in his subject matter, however, boy are you mistaken: he’s simply one of the most famous.

New York Magazine created this fascinating look at how the world of street fashion photography is now teeming with photographers.

They state that there’s currently a “gold rush” in this market, as more and more people are jumping into the game of chasing trends with their cameras.

Visit a major fashion hub like New York or Paris during certain times of the year, and you’ll see hoards of photographers running around on sidewalks, swarming and snapping pictures of passersby that catch their eyes. The video above was shot during Fashion Week in NYC.

Their behavior seems to be very similar to paparazzi photographers, except instead of the famous, they’re chasing the fashionable.

(via ISO 1200)