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Instagram for Web Coming Soon? “View Profile” Link Makes Brief Appearance


Instagram grew to its $1 billion acquisition price through a service that’s used almost entirely through a mobile app. As it continues to balloon in size, it only makes sense that it would expand onto the web to compete against the likes of Flickr and 500px. That day may be closer than you think.

Web designer Cole Reinke was browsing Instagram’s website recently when he noticed a strange “View Profile” link when hovering over his username. As you probably know, Instagram photos on the web are currently standalone pages and not centralized around profiles. Reinke writes,

Online Instagram profiles coming soon? Clicking on the link lead me to a 404 error at my profile address. When I looked to see if it was still there three hours later, it had disappeared. But before I saw the option appear, Instagram went down for a minute or two.

Last month the service tip-toed ever so slightly into the web space by accepting comments and links on photo pages. It definitely looks like the brand may soon be blooming into a full-fledged online photo sharing service.

(via Cole Reinke via TechCrunch)

Image credit: Photograph by Cole Reinke