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In No Great Hurry: 13 Lessons in Life with Saul Leiter


In No Great Hurry – 13 Lessons in Life with Saul Leiter is an upcoming documentary film about influential American photographer Saul Leiter, who was a pioneer in the use of color photography in the 1940s and 1950s. Despite his accomplishments, Leiter — who is 89 this year — has never been driven by “success”, preferring instead to live and photograph his own quiet way. One of his notable quotes is,

In order to build a career and to be successful, one has to be determined. One has to be ambitious. I much prefer to drink coffee, listen to music and to paint when I feel like it.

Directed by British filmmaker Tomas Leach (who spent 1.5 years trying to get Leiter to agree to the film), the film is currently going through post-production and raising funds to cross the finish line.

In No Great Hurry (via Wired)