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DIY Kino Flo Alternative for Awesome Headshot Lighting

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About a week ago, Winnipeg-based photographer Tristan Shea Penner made quite a splash in the DIY world by releasing the above video about his DIY alternative to the Kino Flo lights that iconic headshot photographer Peter Hurley uses. People were intrigued by the quality of the portraits Penner was getting with his rig, while managing to keep it semi-portable at the same time. The only problem was that the video didn’t get specific on how to build the rig for yourself, so Penner put together a full set of instructions that he’s now posted on his website.

The results he’s getting with the lights are pretty impressive for a DIY rig, and when you consider the price difference between building this and buying a set of Kino Flo lights ala Peter Hurley there’s really no contest for us financially challenged folk. For more information head over to Tristan’s website or check out the full pdf instruction booklet by clicking here.

1 Comment