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Hasselblad vs Red Epic: Will Video Kill the Still Photography Star?


Video technology is advancing at an alarming rate, and the question that seems to be on many a photographer’s mind is: “will video ever render still photography obsolete?” In the future, will shooting a sunset simply involve going out and recording 30 minutes to an hour of video and then pulling your favorite frames into Photoshop or Lightroom? Well, that’s the question that this video from Fstoppers is trying to answer.

In it, well-known headshot photographer Peter Hurley shoots the same client with both his camera of choice — the Hasselblad H3D-22 — and a 5K, 24fps Red Epic video camera. Rather than taking one stance and sticking to it, Hurley then talks about both the pitfalls and the advantages of using video as opposed to still photography. Click, smack or otherwise depress that play button for all the details, and be sure to head over to the original post to see the final, high-res images.