Facebook Launches Its Own Camera App

Huge news came out of the Facebook universe today with little to no warning: Facebook has launched its own camera app. Seemingly out of nowhere, the social networking giant has launched its own “Facebook Camera” camera app that, of course, connects directly to your Facebook account, making it that much easier to take, upload, tag, and comment on your photos.

The app also comes loaded with a few features to make it even more useful: You can crop, rotate and add filters to any picture in your camera roll in app (Instagram inspired anyone?). It also all but replaces the regular Facebook app for those people who only use Facebook for photos by offering a “news feed” that shows only pictures as its home page. No more status updates, if all you’re using Facebook for is uploading and looking at pictures, you may stop using the regular app all together.

Needless to say this is pretty big news in the world of camera apps, news that probably has some app developers groaning right about now. For more information on the app click here to grab it straight from the app store or check out the promo video below: