Spray Can Light Makes Light Painting Fun for Graffiti Artists

Light painting is sometimes called light graffiti, but who does graffiti with flashlights? Halo is a neat light-painting tool designed by Aïssa Logerot that makes painting with light feel much more natural for people accustomed to creating… less-legal forms of art. Shaped like an aerosol can of spray paint, the tool includes interchangeable LED lights for painting in different colors and a battery inside that recharges when the can is shaken.

Sadly, Halo is just an art project and not something you can buy right now. However, we definitely think Logerot should start a Kickstarter project to manufacture these things!

Halo [Aissa Logerot]

Image credits: Photographs by Aissa Logerot/Véronique Huyghe and used with permission