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Room Divider Made with Film Canisters


Tiffany Threadgould of RePlayGround had the awesome idea of building a room divider using old 35mm film canisters. She spent three months befriending film processing shops in New York and collecting the 1,000+ canisters needed for the project.

The finished divider is 4’x5′ when rolled out, and can be rolled up when not in use.

The room divider narrows the focus in a room much like how a camera can selectively choose what to focus on. The canisters are strung together with elastic giving it flexibility to be rolled up when not in use and when shipped. The rolling action resembles how a roll of film winds up. [#]

Do you know of any other useful ways to reused film canisters?

Refocus room divider (via KEH Blog)

Image credits: Photographs by RePlayGround and used with permission