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Pileus is an Umbrella for Photo Sharing on Rainy Days


The Pileus Internet Umbrella is a cool research project that aims to connect an umbrella to the cloud and use the available space on the underside of the umbrella as a screen for projecting photographs.

Using the Flickr API, the umbrella can upload photographs wirelessly using a built-in camera and browse photographs using wrist snaps for navigation.

The product aims to provide an augmentation of everyday life synchronizing information on the Internet and the real place.

Here’s what the name “Pileus” means:

“Pileus” is an ancient Latin word originally meaning skullcap, and now used as technical worlds for a cloud that appear above a cumulus at meteorology and a cap of mushrooms at mycology . The project uses this word for the name with double metaphors as a physical umbrella (mushroom cap) and cyber network services (overlaid cloud).

Sadly, the umbrella is currently only a prototype. If it were to ever hit the market, would you buy one?

(via Photojojo)

Image credit: Pileus Internet Umbrella by 22n