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PetaPixel’s Followers Fold Their Underwear


Social recommendation engine Hunch has a new Twitter Followers Tool that can analyze a Twitter account’s followers and make predictions to what they would answer for certain questions.

For an account to be analyzed, it needs to be “famous”, which Hunch defines as having more than 1,000 followers. We had PetaPixel analyzed and received a gigantic list of predicted answers. Here’s a selection:

  • Word Association: I say photo, you say: Flickr
  • When the traffic light turns yellow, are you more naturally inclined to: Brake quickly
  • Do you fold your underwear? Yes
  • Do you have a blog or keep a personal website? Yes
  • If you suddenly became independently wealthy, in one year do you think you’d:
    Still be doing the same type of work I do now
  • Do you think John Travolta is a good actor? No
  • When waiting in the slowest of three lines, will you dart to another line to save a minute? Nah, what’s the rush?
  • Can art change the world? Yes
  • Are you a Mac person or a PC person? Mac
  • Do you think Microsoft has made the world a better place? No
  • Do you think name brand products are usually of higher quality than generic versions? Yes, the brands invest in products and have a reputation to maintain
  • If the opportunity presented itself in a safe environment, would you volunteer to be Tasered, to see what it feels like? Get real, no
  • Do you consider yourself an environmentalist? Yes
  • Do you have an iPhone? Yes
  • Do you enjoy shopping for clothes? No
  • Are you male or female? Male

It’s interesting that many of these questions are actually things we’ve asked in our polls. Maybe in the future we’ll run a “Do you fold your underwear?” poll.

Do these predicted answers describe you well?