Giveaway: “A World in HDR” by Trey Ratcliff

Update: This giveaway is now over. The winners were randomly selected by the giveaway system we used. Here they are: @sam_decker, @jdenham, and @gregoriusness.

Hullo y’all. We’re giving away 3 copies of travel photographer Trey Ratcliff’s latest book, A World in HDR. The book is filled with spectacular HDR photographs of scenes around the world, and also includes a solid tutorial in the back for learning how to create your own HDR images.

The book costs $30 on Amazon, and you can see some sample images and find out more on Trey’s website.

We’re going to be doing this giveaway a little differently: it’s going to be done completely through Twitter using a new system we developed. In the past we asked that you tweet certain keywords, and I used a custom-written program to collect all the tweets. The problem was that it wasn’t very transparent, and you didn’t even know whether we did in fact count your tweet as an entry.

So what’s our solution? Instead of using the behind-the-scenes program I wrote, I turned the system into a Twitter giveaway web app! Everything will be automated, and all you need to do is follow the instructions on the page and post a tweet through the app. When the giveaway is over, the application will randomly select and display the 3 winners using

To enter, simply post a tweet through the giveaway page!

You must tweet through the app in order to enter, since it tallies entries posted through the app rather than search on Twitter for matching tweets. You can also visit the giveaway through the following widget:

The application requires that you tweet, which is a link back to this post. Unlike previous giveaways, you can say whatever else you want. You can even post a normal, everyday tweet through the app as long as the link is thrown in there.

The giveaway ends on the evening of February 21, which is this Sunday. Good luck!

P.S. If you run into any bugs in the app, please leave a comment here letting me know and I’ll get it fixed ASAP! This is the first giveaway ever through the app, but feel free to run your own!

Also, this giveaway is open to international readers as well!

Thanks to Trey for providing the books for this giveaway!