21 Awesome T-Shirts for Photographers

I’m a big fan of Threadless and the seemingly infinite stream of hilarious t-shirts designs that are constantly being created by its dedicated community. However, I haven’t been able to find many shirts designed specifically for photographers on the service. Yesterday I tweeted a request for links to photography related t-shirt designs, and received quite a large number of interesting responses. After looking through all the links tweeted in response, here are my favorites (click the shirts to go to where they’re sold):

#1: I Can’t Draw

One of the few photography-related t-shirts I was able to find on Threadless.


#2: Spray and Pray

Who cares what or how you shoot if you can put it through Photoshop it afterwards?


#3: Beware of the Photographer

If you’re not careful around me, you might get shot (or Photoshopped).


#4: Camera Display Panel

A great shirt to confuse non-photogs. See if you can trick people into believing they’re all math symbols.


#5: Smile Baby


#6: Instant Pool Party

Threadless shirts are always top-notch.


#7: Flasher



#8: Aperture

Another minimalistic design. Maybe it’s saying “Shoot from (or at) the hip”?


#9: 18% Grey

Amazing! A shirt that doubles as a gray card…


#10: photographer’s friend

Give this to your assistant and have him or her simply stand in for a picture.

photographers friend

#11: Photographer Grrl


#12: I Like To Flash People


#13: You are here, But I can fix that in Photoshop


#14: oh, crop

This shirt is a chance to show just how nerdy you are.


#15: photographr

For those of you who are obsessed with Flickr.


#16: Hassel


#17: What the f-stop


#18: Camera Girl


#19: Photographic Memory


#20: Lens

A pretty minimalistic design by Chase Jarvis. Become the lens.


#21: Sunny 16 Rule

If you ever forget the Sunny 16 Rule, just look in the mirror.


Hanging Cameras

Many of the shirt designs I found simply had a camera hanging around the neck. Here are six of them:

hang1   hang2   hang3

hang4   hang5   hang6

Clever, but Text

Most of the shirts I found were clever, but only contained text. I’ve collected some here, since I didn’t want to waste space displaying too many shirts with only text on them:

Online Stores

Here are a list of online stores, shops, and merchandise pages that offer photography-related t-shirts:

Update: Received another interesting design via email, called Photoshoplifter. Check it out!

Update 2: Here’s yet another design emailed to us: Still Need The Vision

A big thank you to everyone who helped us put together this list by sending us links via Twitter! You guys are awesome! If you know of any funny/awesome/cool shirts that we didn’t include, please share it with us by leaving a comment!