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This Beautiful Time-Lapse is a ‘Love Letter to the Fog of the San Francisco Bay Area’

In 2010, we featured photographer Simon Christen’s stunning time-lapse of the San Francisco Bay Area, The Unseen Sea. Since then, however, we haven’t seen any more of his work. That is, until he sent us the sequel. Read more…

Beautiful Collection of Time Lapse Clips Captured in San Francisco

A couple days ago we featured a compilation of stunning time lapse clips shot in the desert by Mike Flores. The video above is a change in scenery, but epic nonetheless. Photographer Simon Christen shot the various clips using a Canon 40D (10-22mm, 24-70mm, and 70-200mm) around the San Francisco Bay Area over the course of a year. His camera was always in manual mode, and he adjusted the settings as the light changed due to things like fog and clouds.

Here’s another video we posted a while ago that gives you a beautiful glimpse at what San Francisco is like.