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Nikon D7000 with Custom Paint Jobs

Cars can have pretty creative paint jobs, but it seems like the best anyone can do with a DSLR is do a messy DIY repainting or buy a Pentax with ridiculous or nasty-looking designs. Sherwin Sibala came up with these unique design concepts showing what a DSLR (specifically a Nikon D7000) might look like if people chose to personalize the body.
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Nikon D7000 Teardown Shows Sony-Made Sensor Inside

Tech analysis company Chipworks recently did a teardown of the Nikon D7000, and confirmed that the 16.2 megapixel APS-C sensor within is manufactured by Sony (the IMX071 to be exact). This is likely the exact same sensor used by Sony in the A55 translucent mirror camera and the A580 DSLR.

To see what a Nikon 7000 looks like blown up tore down, check out the in-depth analysis.

Teardown of the Nikon D7000 DSLR (via Photography Bay)

Update: Apparently the sensors in the D3, D3s, D700, and D3100 are all made by Nikon. D90 is Sony. Nikon Rumors has more here.

Image credits: Photographs by Chipworks

Nikon D7000 Kits Being Sold by Best Buy Ahead of Launch

Itching to get your hands on the Nikon D7000? You might want to try Best Buy. Apparently some Best Buy stores are breaking the rules and selling Nikon D7000 kits before the camera is officially available on Sunday. Here are some unboxing videos created by the lucky few who were able to purchase the D7000 early.
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Nikon Officially Announces the D7000, Two Pro Lenses, and a Speedlight

Nikon has officially announced the D7000, a camera that we’ve know about for quite some time now through various rumors. The camera replaces the Nikon D90, and has a number of interesting upgrades: 11 autofocus points has been increased to a whopping 39-point system, the megapixel count has been increased from 12.3 to 16.2, the 96% viewfinder coverage has been replaced with pro-level 100% coverage, parts are now beefed up with magnesium alloy, one SD card slot has been increased to two, 4.5 fps has been upped to 6fps, ISO can be boosted up to 25,600 (up from 6,400), and the camera now does 1080p video recording at 24fps.
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Nikon D7000 DSLR Photos Leaked

What appear to be legitimate photos of the soon-to-be-announced Nikon D7000 DSLR were leaked onto the web today. The camera is expected to replace the D90, occupying a midrange DX sensor spot a step above the recently announced Nikon D3100. The official announcement for this camera, some new lenses, and a new Speedlight flash are expected to come at midnight tonight. Stay tuned.
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Blank Nikon D7000 Pages Confirm that Announcement is Near

Here’s just a fun tidbit to chew on while we wait for the official Nikon D7000 announcement: Nikon Rumors discovered today that the Nikon sites of certain European countries (e.g. Germany, Poland, and Italy) have already put up placeholder pages for the upcoming camera. There are no links to these pages, but they can be accessed by using “d7000″ in the URL.
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