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Sony Holds Press Event to Announce Pink Version of the NEX-3

We’re having a hard time deciding whether to laugh or cry. Sony has been on top of the innovation game lately, but today’s announcement is a bit silly — they held a special press event to announce a pink version of the NEX-3 mirrorless camera. Earlier in October rumor sites were already reporting the October 12th press event scheduled to “announce a new mirrorless SLR”. Other websites began speculating as to whether or not it would be a new EVIL model to compliment the NEX-3 and NEX-5. Turns out the answer is no. It’s just a pink NEX-3.

The camera will be available in Japan starting November 19th.

Sony Updates NEX Firmware to Support 3D Panoramas

Sony has released a new firmware update for the NEX-3 and NEX-5 EVIL cameras that adds 3D Sweep Panorama technology. This is the technology shown in the super-annoying Taylor Swift commercial that invaded YouTube videos, except it’s enhanced to offer 3D viewing.

This is interesting, since traditional stereoscopic 3D photographs require 2 separate lenses to record footage from different perspectives. However, the Sweep Panorama technology works by shooting a burst of frames while having you smoothly pan across a scene, so it looks like Sony is using some fancy processing techniques to figure out perspective from the panning action.

Head on over to the Sony Europe Support site to download the firmware update if you have a NEX camera.

Image credit: SONY NEX-5 by DORONKO

Sony NEX-3 Photos and Specs Leaked

Everyone knows that Sony’s going to announce the new NEX-3 and NEX-5 cameras at a big press event tomorrow. However, it looks like Digital Photography School accidentally let the cat out of the bag by publishing their review a day too soon. The review was published and taken down within the span of an hour. Here’s how it started:

A few days ago I could tell nobody about this newbie. I was under an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) from Sony. The Sony NEX-3 was a hot camera!

So Sony gave me a review unit of the Sony NEX-3 three days, explaining that they were so fearful of leaks that a Sony person would collect it from me when my time was up: “Can’t trust couriers — they’ve been known to open up boxes and leak the info to competitors!”

That’s pretty ironic, huh? Looks like Sony just had an Apple experience. My guess is that the embargo ended at 4pm on May 11th after the press event, but Digital Photography School accidentally scheduled their review to be published at 4pm on May 10th, a day early.

One thing I found interesting about the camera is how the LCD swivels in both directions vertically:

Here are the official specifications according to the review:

Image Sensor: 14.2 million effective pixels.
Metering: Multi pattern, centre-weighted and spot.
Sensor Size: APS-C-sized CMOS (23.4×15.6mm).
Lens: Sony E Series mount.
Shutter Speed: 30 to 1/4000 second. Flash sync: 1/160 sec.
Continuous Shooting: seven fps.
Memory: Memory Stick PRO Duo, PRO-HG Duo, SD, SDHC, SDXC cards.
Image Sizes (pixels): 4592×3056, 4592×2576, 3344×2224, 3344×1872, 2288×1520, 2288×1280.
Movies: 1280×720, 848×480, 640×480 at 30 fps.
Colour Space: sRGB, Adobe RGB.
LCD Screen: 7.5cm LCD (921,600 pixels).
File Formats: JPEG, RAW, JPEG+RAW, MPEG4.
ISO Sensitivity: Auto, 200 to 12,800.
Interface: USB 2.0, HDMNI, AV.
Power: Rechargeable lithium ion battery, DC input.
Dimensions: 117.2×62.6×33.4mm WHDmm.
Weight: 297 g (inc battery and card).
Price: Around AUD1000 for body and kit lens.

Seven frames per second is pretty amazing. Did anything else in the photographs or specifications pop out to you?

Upcoming Sony EVIL Camera Spotted in an Asian Pub

Someone spotted a wild version of Sony’s upcoming EVIL camera, the NEX3, at a pub in Asia recently and anonymous sent the photographs to the blog Sony Alpha Rumors. This comes just a week after an iPhone 4G prototype was found in a California bar, purchased by gadget blog Gizmodo for $5,000, dissected, and published.

The photographs show the camera (labeled NEX-3) with a 16mm f/2.8 “pancake” lens, which supposedly has image stabilization built in to make capturing video smoother. They also reveal an external flash mounted to the camera via a proprietary hot shoe system. Both this camera and its sibling, the NEX-5, are expected to have 14-megapixel Sony ExmorHD sensors, though the NEX-5 reportedly boasts HD-video capability, while the NEX-3 will be limited to 720p.

Sony’s upcoming cameras are meant to challenge the Micro Four Thirds system cameras made by Panasonic and Olympus, which also feature electronic viewfinders and interchangeable lenses (EVIL). The rumor is that Sony will be announcing these cameras officially on May 11th, and that they will be “aggressively priced” compared to Micro Four Thirds systems.

Here’s a tip for those working for companies that make gadgets: leave the prototypes and not-yet-unveiled devices at home when going to drinking establishments.