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‘Jelly Donut’ Rock Mysteriously Appears in Mars Rover Photo of Same Spot Days Apart


The Mars Opportunity Rover has found a jelly donut on Mars… man would that be an awesome headline. Unfortunately we couldn’t run that unless we were intent on click baiting you (we’re not…). What the 10-year-veteran Mars Rover did find (and photograph) is a mysterious rock that looks like — and has been nicknamed — the ‘jelly donut.’

Why mysterious? Because it seemed to appear out of nowhere in pictures of the exact same spot on the Martian ground only 12 Martian days (or Sols) apart. Read more…

Mars Rover Opportunity Commemorates 10 Years on Mars by Sending Home a Selfie


When the Mars Rover Opportunity landed on our planetary neighbor on January 25th, 2004 it was undertaking a three-month mission. Well, it’s a full decade later and the little guy is still alive and kickin’ (in a robotic kind of way).

And what better way to celebrate that achievement then by taking a good ol’ fashioned, 2014-like selfie? Read more…

Stunning Red Planet Panorama Captured by Mars Rover Opportunity

Mars rover Opportunity has spent more than 8 years on the Red Planet exploring, analyzing and, like any good tourist, snapping photos. And one of the most recent and stunning photos from the six-wheeled explorer is the panorama you see above.

It’s a panorama of an area called “Greeley Haven,” and it was put together using 817 images taken between December 21st, 2011 and May 8th, 2012. The picture is being called “the next best thing to being there,” so if you’re not planning a trip to Mars anytime soon, be sure to check out a larger version of the image here (photo number 9).

(via The Verge)

Image credits: NASA, JPL-CalTech, Cornell and ASU