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Adobe Backtracks, To Offer Special CS6 Price For CS3/CS4 Till End of 2012

Adobe caused a stir last November after changing its upgrade policy to only cover one version back instead of three. This meant that only Photoshop CS5 owners would qualify for the upgrade price on CS6 when it’s launched, leaving CS3 and CS4 owners the not-so-nice option of buying the CS5 upgrade before buying the CS6 one. Perhaps in response to the angry customer response, Adobe announced a “special offer” for CS3 and CS4 owners today:

[…] we want to make sure our customers have plenty of time to determine which offering is best for them. Therefore, we’re pleased to announce that we will offer special introductory upgrade pricing on Creative Suite 6 to customers who own CS3 or CS4. This offer will be available from the time CS6 is released until December 31, 2012.

We’ll find out just how much of a discount those users will receive once CS6 is released. It also appears that Adobe isn’t planning to restore the old upgrade policy — today’s announcement is more of a one-time fix for angry customers.

(via Adobe via John Nack)

Image credit: Adobe Creative Sweet CS5 by pcfishhk

Adobe Photoshop CS4 in the Age of Floppy Disks

If we were still living in the age of floppy disks, what would installing something like Adobe Photoshop CS4 be like? antrepo did the math, and figured out that it would take a whopping 358 disks. They’re also making a poster set that includes other programs as well (e.g. 1760 disks for The Sims 3).

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Funny Photoshop CS4 Crash Reports

Garrett Murray over at Maniacal Rage has a funny project called CS4 Crash Reports. He comes up with the strangest things to send to Adobe when his Photoshop CS4 crashes and asks him to describe the problem that occurred.

Here’s another gem:

I’ve never had a problem with CS4 crashing on me, but Firefox and Cyberduck do plenty of that.

CS4 Crash Reports (via Boing Boing)

Photoshop CS4 is a Worthy Upgrade

I just purchased Adobe Photoshop CS4 last week for my Macbook after being unable to transfer my CS3 student serial for PCs to a Mac version. Adobe’s phone customer support leaves something to be desired. Spent an hour’s worth of cell phone minutes listening to their elevator music, and finally hung up without talking to anyone. It’s pretty absurd that they put you on hold for so long even when you’re calling to make a purchase. They could learn a thing or two from Zappos.

While I was in the student store, I was thinking about also purchasing Lightroom 2. A lot of my buddies use it for their photography, but I always used Photoshop since I needed Photoshop for web development and thought Lightroom’s functionality with be redundant. However, Lightroom definitely had some features that I wish CS3 had, but was pleasantly surprised to find included in CS4.

One such feature is the new adjustment brush in Adobe Camera Raw:


I actually didn’t know they added this to CS4 before I purchased it. Prior to CS4, Adobe Camera Raw only allowed you to make changes to the image as a whole, while Lightroom had tools that allowed you to do local adjustments just like you would be able to in Photoshop. Now you can do local adjustments right in ACR.


Those of you who got CS4 a while ago have probably been using the adjustment brush for a long time already, but for those of you with a previous version of Photoshop and who shoot Raw, this is a pretty darn good reason to upgrade.

Now, if only Adobe would include better methods for comparing the before and after images in ACR…