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DIY Lamp Made Using Vintage Cameras and Slide Film

Camera hoarder Stacie Grissom of Stars for Streetlights received a massive collection of old cameras from her uncle a couple years ago. She soon discovered that she wouldn’t possibly have time to use all of them, so she took a few of the neglected and worn down ones and made a one-of-a-kind lamp for her home. The cameras were turned into the lamp base using a pipe and some cold weld, and the lamp shade was made using color slide film. If you have some broken cameras lying around and want to make your own, Grissom has detailed her entire process over on her blog.

How to Make a Lamp from Vintage Cameras (via Make)

Image credit: Photograph by Stacie Grissom/Stars for Streetlights

Old Camera and Tripod Turned into an Awesome Desk Lamp

Kirsty over at kootoyoo transformed her old Cosina CT-2 into a neat desk lamp that emits light from inside the lens. The legs on the tripod can be adjusted, so it can be used as a floor lamp as well. It’d be awesome if she could make it so adjusting the aperture on the lens would change the brightness of the light. Kirsty is currently writing a tutorial that’ll teach you how to make your own — it’ll go on sale starting next week.

Camera – light – action… (via Craft via Make)

Vintage Polaroid Land Camera Lamp

Chicago-based designer Dan Riordan woke up one morning, saw his Polaroid Land Camera 95A, and thought to himself, “I can make a lamp of out that”. So he did. Now, after several months of perfecting his build process, he’s selling these hand-crafted lamps for $150 through his Etsy store. The lamps are LED powered, last 50,000 hours without needing a new bulb, and are dimmable so you can adjust the brightness to your liking.

(via KEH Blog)