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This Bookmarklet Overlays Rule of Thirds Gridlines to Photos in Your Browser


Want to see whether or not your favorite photographers are following the rule of thirds when composing their shots? Programmer and photography enthusiast Alex Dergachev has created a simple browser bookmarklet that overlays RoT gridlines over any (or almost any) web photograph.
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Wordless Web Turns the Internet Into One Giant Photo Book

Want to enjoy photographs on the web without the annoyance of words? Check out Wordless Web, a simple browser bookmarklet by Ji Lee and Cory Forsyth that instantly strips away all the text on any website.

No text also means no context. You’re free to enjoy the images in their purest form, without names, labels, definitions, or purpose. It makes the pictures we see across the web more mysterious and open to interpretation of our own imaginations.

Use the bookmarklet on sites like Flickr and 500px to browse through imagery without seeing the photographers’ titles and descriptions.

Wordless Web (via Gizmodo via Laughing Squid)

A Simple Bookmarklet for Finding Copyright Infringements of Your Photos

Src Img is an uber-simple bookmarklet created by Jarred Bishop and Hayden Hunter that lets you quickly do a Google Image search for any online photograph with just two clicks. It’s a simple link (i.e. bookmarklet) that you drag into the bookmarks bar of your browser. Whenever you want to search Google Images for a particular photograph, simply click the bookmarklet. It’ll overlay all the photos on the page with a “?¿” square. Click this to search for that photo. Voila!

Src Img (via dvafoto)

Generate Short URLs with shortenr

Flickr has its own URL shortening system to make links suitable for things like Twitter. However, for some strange reason, the short URLs to photographs aren’t readily available on the photo pages themselves.

There are some services out there that allow you to quickly generate URLs, but I decided to quickly write my own, and called it shortenr.

The service is extremely simple. Simply enter a long Flickr URL to have it shortened, or a short URL to have it expanded. It’s also available as a bookmarklet to shorten URLs while you’re on the Flickr photo pages themselves: simply drag this link into your bookmarks: shortenr

If you’d like to see additional features added to this simple app, leave a comment. Hopefully some of you will find this useful.