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Photos of White Balloons Invading Everyday Scenes


Invasions” is a quirky photo project by French photographer Charles P├ętillon, who used huge clouds of white balloons as a metaphor for various things in life. The images may look like they use CGI renderings of white orbs, but there’s no digital manipulation involved: P├ętillon actually introduced physical balloons to shoot each shot.
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Immersive Hot Air Balloon Fiesta Time-Lapse Puts You in the Middle of the Action

The 9-day Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is the largest hot air balloon event in the world, and as such it’s also one of the most photographed events in the world. Because of this, Albuquerque native and photographer Knate Myers knew he had to capture something special if his time-lapse of the event was to stand out.

“A whole lot of work (and very little sleep),” later he had achieved his goal in spades, creating this Technicolor dream of a time-lapse that gives you every angle you might hope to have on the event. Read more…

Captivating Time-Lapse Captures Over 700 Hot Air Balloons Lifting Off into the Sky

What better subject for a time-lapse than 700+ colorful bags of hot air rising into the sky all at once, many of them shaped like beloved (or infamous, see Darth Vader) pop culture characters? Well, there’s probably something better, but right this second we can’t think of it. Read more…

Liquid Jewels: Photos of Paint-Covered Balloons Milliseconds After They Pop


Back in March, we shared Swiss photographer Fabian Oefner’s Black Holes series of photographs showing paint being flung outwards by a spinning drill. We told you then that Oefner’s stated goal was to “harness elemental forms of natural phenomena and capture them in the most stunning way possible.”

His most recent project takes another stab at that goal, this time using paint and modeling balloons to create a series of photographs he’s calling Liquid Jewels. Read more…

Aerial Photography Using a DIY GoPro Rig and Balloons

This video is actually part of a project called To Catch a Bike Thief — which is trying to raise awareness about and, of course, prevent bike theft. This particular experiment was their way of doing some “aerial surveillance” of the area on a budget, but regardless of whether they achieved that goal, they did get some awesome aerial footage using only some wood, balloons and a fishing line rated at 20lbs. Viewers be advised that there is a little bit of cursing towards the beginning of the video.

Incredibly Easy DIY Aerial Photography [YouTube]

Exploding Hydrogen Balloons Shot Matrix-style with 24 Canon DSLRs

To capture “portraits of the sun” and to illustrate its power, General Electric filled 20 weather balloons with hydrogen and helium, surrounded them with 24 Canon DSLR cameras (18 7Ds and 6 60Ds), and shot the balloons exploding Matrix-style.

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“Skyfishing” with a Fishing Pole, 30 Helium Balloons, and a Camera

Cinematographer Tom Guilmette has a simple way you can shoot your own aerial shots if flying kites or RC planes/helicopters isn’t for you: fill up a large number of helium balloons, attach a camera to them, and send it high into the air attached to a fishing pole. Guilmette attached a GoPro HD camera to 30 balloons, and was able to get some remarkably smooth footage from 400+ feet in the air. Be warned though… doing this in high winds or near trees can be risky business.

Shooting iPhone 4 HD Video at 1000 Feet

A few guys in Los Angeles recently convinced their friend to let them borrow his new iPhone 4 (that he waited 4.5 in line for), and got onto a rooftop with the help of another friend. Using some large helium balloons, they attached the iPhone and started recording 720p video of downtown LA as it rose up to 1000 feet into the air on the end of a kite string. They also made a fun behind-the-scenes video of their project.

This setup is definitely cheaper than an RC plane or helicopter, and somewhat safer and more stable than a kite.