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Alexa Meade on Why and How She Began Turning People Into Real Life Paintings

Alexa Meade turned her first person into a real life, three-dimensional painting in April of 2009. Now, four years later, she is known the world over as the artist who uses the human body as her canvas, creating photographs you would be hard-pressed to differentiate from two-dimensional paintings.(Note: the video above contains some body-paint nudity) Read more…

Fake Painting Photographs by Alexa Meade

It might be hard to believe, but each of the following “paintings” is actually a photograph by artist Alexa Meade.

Here’s a quick look behind the scenes to show you what we mean:

Were you fooled? We were.

To create the effect, Meade paints on three dimensional surfaces of objects, people, and spaces using acrylic paint.

Visit her website to see more of her work.

Image credits: Photographs by Alexa Meade and used with permission.