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360-Degree Panoramas of Hiroshima After the Atomic Bomb

Six months after the atomic bomb “Little Boy” was dropped on Hiroshima, three American photographers and one Japanese photographer shot panoramas from five different locations to document the devastation. Mari Shimomura of the Hiroshima Peace Museum recently gave high-resolution scans of these panoramas to 360cities founder Jeffrey Martin, who then turned them into these 360-degree panoramas. It’s a stark and unsettling reminder of something that will hopefully never happen again.
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World’s Largest Sports Photo Captures 90,000 Fans in 20 Gigapixels

Jeffrey Martin, the guy behind the world’s largest indoor photo, has done it again — the founder of 360cities was hired by Wembley Stadium to shoot a massive 20 gigapixel 360-degree panorama of the 2011 FA Cup Final this past weekend. About 1000 photographs shot with a DSLR and robotic tripod head were needed to capture the 90,000 fans in attendance, and the final image was processed with a workstation that had 192 gigabytes of RAM and 24 CPU cores!

Check out the final photo here or read about how it was made. You can also tag people you know in the image — tens of thousands have been identified and tagged already.

World’s Largest Indoor Photo Weighs in at 40 Gigapixels

Photographer Jeffrey Martin, founder of 360cities, recently use a Canon 550D and 200mm lens to shoot the largest indoor photograph ever made: a ginormous 40 gigapixel photograph of a 18th-century baroque library in the Strahov Monastery in Prague, Czech Republic. Over 5 days of shooting with his robot control camera, Martin collected 2,947 separate photos that went into the resulting panorama. The RAW photos then took a day to batch process, 111 hours to stitch, and 20 hours to Photoshop, finally ending as a single 283 gigabyte photograph.
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