Hilarious Hipster Marketing Video Explains What it Takes to Be ‘Photographer of the Year!’

If you’re wondering how to be the best photographer in the world, look no further than Chris Bauer. He’s been deemed the “Male Photographer of the Year!” — likely by his mother — and he has some tips and inspiration for you

All joking aside though, this little 85 second video is a humorous parody of what it takes to be a hipster photographer in 2014. Give it a watch, be prepared for a few laughs and don’t take it too seriously. Or do. We suppose that last part’s up to you.

Male Photographer of the Year – Chris Bauer [YouTube]

  • Justin Smith

    It’s supposed to be a parody of Hansel’s award video in Zoolander, even down to the fake angel wing(s).

  • Aj Meadows

    It’s spot on for sure. I literally laughed out loud at the Rick Moranis bit.

  • HibikiRush

    But he’s a hipster, how is it a parody?

  • Erik Edmund

    A parody of a parody. How far down the idiot rabbit hole should we all go?

  • Edgar Allan Bro

    ‘Hipster’ lost all meaning once old people started throwing it around at everyone under 40, everything enjoyed by anyone under 40, any job which wasnt a banker/lawyer/doctor/accountant and a couple of random species of dog.

  • Michael Andrew Broughton

    so you’re saying the term “hipster” has gotten too mainstream for you? :P

  • Edgar Allan Bro

    hah, I’ll pay that.

  • viki reed

    my fav part is where his eyeglasses fly off as he whips his mullet around