Meta Mugshot: 19-Year-Old Poses for Mugshot Wearing Shirt Featuring His Last Mugshot


Nothing like a good T-Shirt to spruce up a mugshot right? Well, maybe not, but in the case of 19-year-old Robert Burt of Pittsfield, Maine the shirt definitely did add something to what would otherwise be your standard booking shot.

That’s because the T-Shirt, you’ll notice if you look closely, features Burt’s previous mugshot from the selfsame Somerset County Jail.

According to The Smoking Gun, the T-Shirt was created using a mugshot taken after a June drunk-driving arrest. After a drunk driving plea, he was ordered to spend two days in jail starting August 8th, and he came prepared. Here’s a picture of the full shirt:


The T-Shirt was supposedly created by his coworkers, who placed his first mugshot above the caption “Burt Family Reunion 8/8-8/10/2014 sponsored by Bud Light and Somerset County Sheriff” and a photo of a cat lounging on a couch next to a beer bottle and TV remote.

Fortunately for Burt, the officers who took his second booking photo were amused rather than annoyed. According to Burt, “they laughed their a**es off,” and made him hold the slate so you could see the previous photo.

  • Alan Dove

    He needs to get this one put on a shirt now.

  • Thekaph


  • Juan Bautista

    He must love it!

  • Stephen S.

    Now there’s a compliment that mugshot photographers don’t often receive…

  • Mateusz WysokiƄski

    Waitn for next one! ;)

  • Facepalm

    So this is newsworthy, not for drinking and driving twice but because of his shirt. DERP.

  • Bart

    So wait, he can also be called Bert Burt or Rob Burt? (Please don’t flame me because my name is Bart)

  • Anon55

    He only got arrested for drunk driving once. He went to jail twice only because the judge ordered him to serve two more days. I don’t think you understand how the system works.