Photo Series Pays Tribute to the Insane Burdens People Around the World Carry on Their Heads


Photographer Floriane de Lassée took a playful approach to the cultural trends of individuals carrying a plethora of objects, balanced on top of their heads. Titled How Much Can You Carry, the series is a tribute to those from remote communities in Bolivia, India and Indonesia who carry immense burdens on their heads as a means to efficiently get objects from one location to another.

Despite the difficult task of balancing and carrying the objects on their heads, the subjects in the photos all seem to have a vibrant sense of pride, with smiles glimmering underneath books, textiles and more. Below are a number of images from the series that Floriane de Lassée was kind enough to share with us.








To read more about the series and to see Floriane’s other work, you can head over to her website, here.

(via Junk Culture)

Image credits: Photographs by Floriane de Lassée and used with permission

  • Aezreth

    Brilliant idea, very nicely done.

  • Ben

    Insane…no. Cumbersome. ..yes. I’m so tired of reading these sensationalized headlines.