Fascinating X-Ray GIFs Give You a Peek Inside Your Joints


Graphic designer Cameron Drake recently created these captivating X-Ray GIFs for a website he is working on. Edited together from several X-Rays, the GIFs give you a glimpse inside the anatomical magic that lets you bend all of the major joints in your body.

As a science nerd and former med student, these are beyond cool for me. But I don’t think you need to have any interest in anatomy whatsoever to find these fascinating:

To see more of Drake’s work, be sure to head over to his website, blog or Behance profile.

(via Boing Boing)

Image credits: GIFs by Cameron Drake and used in accordance with Creative Commons license

  • Jason Yuen

    Either he used a lot of people for these images or someone took a hell of a dose of xrays. It’s still seems like a lot of xrays for even a single gif.

  • Jason Barresi

    Judging by the circular field of view, I’d say this is actually from a fluoroscope as opposed to many single X-Ray exposures.

  • jaakewilson

    post what camera or software or how something like this is done. to me this is just a gif you found randomly and somehow it deserves to be on a photography “blog”

  • Jackie Wu

    Please crack a joint… so I could see how it actually looks like!

  • gochugogi

    What’s weed have to do with it?

  • Mike

    These are not my joints.

  • sELF

    Simply wow.

  • Warren

    Radiation is not a toy :(

  • Railton Lee Johnson

    Wow. I hadn’t realised until now that the bones move in exactly the same way as the part of the body containing those bone… Fascinating!